for a 28-Day Fitness & Health Case Study

Starts July 8th until August 5th

What are we studying?

We are studying groups of men and women in two age groups: (18-55) and (55-75). We are measuring the impact on weight loss, body fat, and overall physical improvement when paired with 2 separate degrees of fitness and health support.

Why are we doing this?

Now, more than ever before, people are recognizing that fitness is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity for staying healthy, preventing disease, and living longer. And, with the advancement in technology, the options for getting fit to have become even easier to attain.

We believe Anytime Fitness has the most effective and most diverse fitness and health support programs in the industry, and we want to prove it by measuring their effectiveness with people in our community.

Who qualifies for the study?

  • Have not been active with a fitness regimen for 3 months or more

  • Are physically able to handle a rigorous exercise routine

  • Are capable of completing a 28-day program

  • Comfortable losing a significant amount of body fat & gaining muscle, over a short period of time

  • Willing to follow a guided nutrition regimen

  • Willing to complete pre and post physical assessments

  • Must be able to pay a refundable “completion assurance” deposit

What's included in the study?

The 2 groups will each include varying degrees of support, which may include the following:

  • Guided support from a health coach

  • In-person training and /or pre-written guided exercises

  • Nutrition support

  • Pre and post-study results

  • Body scans

Metabolic Heart Rate Conditioning to track your heart rate and measure intensity levels

How do I qualify?

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